A little about myself and Simply Curls, Co.

Me and my kiddos! I am the owner, formulator, bottler, labeler, email responder, you name it! I'm doing it. This is truly a one woman show!

I am a mom in the San Francisco Bay Area with two active kiddos, 3 and 6 years old. I started Simply Curls, Co. in May of 2016, in Reno, NV! I was raised in Washington by an “let’s take care of this earth” single mom in the 90s and this will always be a strong part of me and my company!I use recycled packaging, compost, and bike-commute or run to the post office as much as possible!!!

I have been making my own organic hair products for years. I have skin allergies and need very simple ingredients. I couldn’t find organic products that worked on curly hair that were not full of numerous and often highly processed, despite organic, ingredient lists.  After years of making my own products, my husband encouraged me to start an Etsy shop knowing there are others out there that have my same needs and vision for how to live on this planet.

Part of my Pacific Northwest roots makes me want very simple ingredient lists, above and beyond what my allergies required.It still takes energy to make ingredients even if they are organic. You won’t find filler ingredients in my products. And then to top it off my heart aches with every plastic/aluminum bottle I put out there. Offering refills makes me feel like I’m doing everything I can to make simple products that work, that also puts our planet first.


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